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Vision & Mission

Adpro Systems & Software was founded in 1989 based on a vision. The view that can be different software. It was a time when programmers were developing according to a new software technique. This technique is called "Object Oriented Programming". Most modern programming languages ​​both for classic applications as Web site creation, rooted in this technique. So functions are implemented in a totally different way.

However, the vision of Adpro goes much further and is based not only on this object oriented programming techniques. With Adpro we bring the object-oriented technology to the end user. This allows him to fully exploit the power of objects. The data and functionalities are in fact combined into objects which are not only linked to each other but also to reuse his.

To achieve this we realized that we needed a special platform for this. Therefore, we developed the "RAD platform." In its embryonic working platform on DOS and Windows. The objects were then made to be in use today. Meanwhile, we could by the technical evolution of computers and operating systems, and especially by the advent of the Internet, the full potential of our vision really be reflected.

With the latest implementation of our RAD platform, we are now to the fifth generation. This release finally gives us the ability to realize our vision completely in the cloud: software to make it useful everywhere; that it can be used in each sector and that he mainly fully hardware or operating system is independent. In other words, we release the user of the choice of a physical device and of the installation of complex structures.

Today is also our mission to fill all the needs of the end user by means Our web-based solutions for our web based platform.

You can read it on our website? We'll tell you what you can expect from us concretely.