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Our Company

Adpro is a software development company founded in 1989 by Philip Janssens. Initially we specialized in the development of POS systems for the hospitality and retail sectors. In the industry, we take our first steps with production planning systems.

Soon came from our clients whether we for them could not develop a broader planning and management. A question to which we are only too eager to provide the answer.

Where the classic programming techniques relied solely on the technique of Object Oriented Programming we wanted to continue with Adpro. So we bring the object-oriented technology to the end user. Meanwhile, we could by the technical evolution of computers and operating systems, and especially by the advent of the Internet, the full potential of our vision really be reflected. Under our "vision and mission" we tell specifically what that means for you.

The government meanwhile managed to find the way to Adpro. For the Flemish Government, the Province of West Flanders and many others, we have developed a platform that allows them completely automated handling educational visits to provincial centers of excellence. The progressive vision and approach did not go unnoticed in more scientific circles. Thus Ghent University puts it shoulders since 2015 under our company project.

Together with other incubatiebedrijven we have Adpro also found our niche in the science park Green Bridge of Ghent University in Ostend. It is there that we will also receive with pleasure.